Steam Workshop Receives New Features and Improved Interface – That’s Gaming

Valve has announced a major update for Steam, with new features for Steam Workshop and how players can download and organize the various game mods available through the service. According to a post on the Steam blog, the company has announced that the new Steam Workshop features are available on the Steam Client beta branch.

As part of the update, players can now keep track of which mods are being downloaded via the Downloads page. Workshop also gets an improved interface, allowing players to manage the mods they may be subscribed to. More advanced users can also take advantage of options such as load order for mods and the option to disable mods from loading into the game.

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For more complicated game mods that may have dependencies in other mods available on Steam Workshop, players can now choose to subscribe to all required mods simultaneously, rather than having to track down individual dependencies. The Web interface for Steam Workshop is also getting an update, with more convenient search options and players not having to refresh the entire Web page when adding an item to a collection.

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