Starbucks’ Web3 loyalty program launching soon?

On April 19, the company Starbucks will offer a new collection of NFT or ‘stamps’. In total, these are 5000 tokens at a price of 100 dollars each that will be available. A last lap before the launch of Starbucks Odyssey ?

The retail giant continues to experiment. And Starbucks can boast of the success of its Web3 initiatives to date. In March, as part of the pilot of its Odyssey loyalty programthe company launched its first series of NFTs, the “Siren Collection”.

The 2000 NFTs were quickly sold out. Starbucks is preparing to do it again with its First Store Collection5000 non-fungible tokens (mined on Polygon), ” stamps ” in the terminology of the brand.

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NFTs equivalent to 1500 reward points

For this new drop NFTthe company is keeping the same ingredients overall with a price set at $100, as in the previous sale. The upcoming tokens, inspired by the chain’s first store in Pike Place Market (Seattle), will be equivalent to 1500 reward points in the application Starbucks Odyssey.

And the most loyal of the brand will have an advantage. Indeed, consumers who own two Starbucks NFT stamps will enjoy early access to the new tokens.

What will be the next step after this second stamps sale and loyalty points distribution? Starbucks could move to a new phase and open its program to more customersand even generalize it.

An upcoming launch of Starbucks Odyssey?

The beta version of Odyssey started in December 2022. It is available to a limited number of consumers. The others have the option of joining a waiting list, whose number of subscribers allows Starbucks to claim an “unprecedented interest”.

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The brand could now turn that interest, reports Decrypt. In a marketing email sent to Odyssey beta testers, Starbucks suggests that a launch is now imminent. The title of this message: “we are getting closer”.

The company does not confirm, however, the generalization of its Web3 loyalty program. Other deadlines await Starbucks in the immediate future. After the NFT drop on April 19, the brand is planning a meeting on April 24.

Starbucks unveils some of the prizes to be won

At the event, Odyssey pilot members will receive benefits based on the number of stamps they have and the points they earn. This phase will be critical and Starbucks must not disappoint in order to build engagement and loyalty.

The company has begun to provide information about these awards. The first prize: a distance learning coffee making course or a donation to an association, Feeding America.

Loyalists, meanwhile, can name a tree on Starbucks’ coffee farm in Costa Rica. Customized MiiR 360 cups with NFT artwork are also up for grabs.

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