Sports analyst Stephen A. Smith weighs in on whether Lightning McQueen is the GOAT – Cars

Stephen A. Smith may not be a household name in the UK and Europe, but in America he is a well-known sports commentator, journalist and analyst, best known for his work following the NBA.

Every so often, Smith allows callers on his show to ask him a question about sports, and in his most recent live chat, a caller tried to catch Smith asking if he believes Lightning McQueen is the best racer of all time.

Without hesitation, Stephen A. Smith then gives us a dose of Cars knowledge we didn’t expect. “When you talk about Comic King Weathers and Lightning McQueen, they both equate to seven Piston Cups…. How can you be a GEIT when you have someone connected to you?“Sorry, that’s not going to work. I know you were trying to catch me with that”, continued Smith. “You didn’t think I knew about Cars, did you? I’m not going to sit here and argue with a grown man about the movie Cars”

There you have it. If ever there was a definitive answer as to whether Lightning McQueen is the GOAT, this is it.

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Watch the clip below:


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