Spoiler-free tips and tricks for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Both Alex and yours truly gave Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 high praise in our reviews, so you have a lot to look forward to now that Insomniac’s PlayStation 5 exclusive is finally in stores. 2018’s Spider-Man received high praise for its accessibility options and generally easy to pick up and play for just about anyone. This sequel continues on the same track, but I know many still like to have a guide in hand that can make the first few hours and the hunt for the platinum trophy easier, so here are my five essential spoiler-free tips and tricks after 30 hours of playing and getting all the trophies.

Focus on the main story missions
This seems to be a classic in many open world games these days. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is filled with side missions and activities, and I’m the kind of player who likes to do that before moving on to the story. That makes it a bit more challenging, because some of the game’s most powerful and useful abilities are locked behind story progression. My advice is to concentrate on the story missions, at least until you get Peter’s symbiotic powers, because many of these are extremely useful to have in the combat-oriented side missions and battles in general.

Using your gadgets and skills
Speaking of battles, don’t forget to use your skills and gadgets. I played on Spectacular difficulty (the highest available in your first playthrough) and quickly realized how much easier and manageable enemy encounters are when you use more than your fists and feet. You don’t even have to get fancy. Just use your web-shooters to stop enemies in their tracks or even get an easy knockout by shooting them at surfaces.

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However, the special skills and gadgets take this to another level. Each is best suited for different environments and amounts of enemies. Whether it’s using the upgraded Web Grabber in an alley to do a lot of damage by pulling a bunch of surrounding enemies and objects together or Miles’ Chain Lightning to give yourself some breathing room by paralyzing enemies and blasting them away.

I also recommend not using them all at once. Try to spread them out between your combos. This makes for better flow, which makes it much easier to maintain awareness and get the 100+ combos. Especially if you also unlock the Combo Resupply skill which has a chance to give you a free use of a gadget at the end of a 4-hit melee combo.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Fight in the air
This is an obvious one for those of you who have played the first two games. Getting enemies in the air makes battles much easier. Not only are you out of reach for anyone without a gun, but most enemies can’t counter when they are in the air. The icing on the cake is that some skills increase the damage you do in the air, so the fact that you also have many more attack options in the air is just icing on the cake.

Stealth is often an option
If you are still having trouble, remember that stealth is usually an option. Many missions can be completed without fighting anyone. The enemies in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 are very stupid, so they are easy to manipulate. Their guard routes also tend to be takedown-friendly. Combine the two and you can easily hang a bunch of enemies from your web. Don’t worry about being spotted, either, since it seems that 9 out of 10 bad guys have a sore neck and can’t look up. Getting access to so-called web-lines that allow you to create your own path above their heads, double takedowns and even Miles’ invisibility early on makes this a piece of cake – if only to thin the herd a bit.

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Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Nothing wrong with using accessibility options
While I haven’t used any of them, there’s no doubt that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s accessibility settings make it possible for even more people to play this great game. Insomniac has taken all the settings from the original and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, in addition to adding some new ones. This means that you can adjust the overall speed of the game, timing of dodging and parrying, auto aiming, quicktime events, healing, swing assist and much more that will allow you to customize your experience the way you want and need.

These are just some of my tips and tricks, so don’t hesitate to ask me anything in the comments, via private messages or email.

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