Sillent Hill 2 is happening: what we know about the upcoming film so far

The remake coming from Konami, Silent Hill for PC and PlayStation 5 isn’t basically the only “reimagining” of the 2001 classic you’ll get.

The company has just announced that the story will also be adapted for the big screen in a new movie that could become a hit in theaters. Return to Silent Hill will reportedly serve as a direct sequel to the original 2006 adaptation and will be “closely guarded” by the same director who handled the first film, Christophe Gans.

The project is still in development

The project appears to be still in the development phase. There is no teaser trailer, just a few images and concept art details.

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Christophe Gansa preferred to talk about the plot of the game itself for most of the announcement about the film. “We decided to go back to the best of these stories,” he said during the live broadcast of Konami’s Silent Hill Transmission. “The film tells the story of a young man who returns to Silent Hill, where he met his true love, and what follows is nothing but pure nightmare,” he added.

Victor Hadida, who also worked on the 2006 film, is also returning to the production and said that while the project plans to give the franchise a modern take, adapted to the times, the style remains true to the spirit of the original game, take that is “key”. Gans seems to agree, calling the original Silent Hill games “great artistic achievements”.

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Virtually everything Christophe Gans says about the project is really interesting, as the director brings up the unique challenge of translating the compelling narrative that only a video game can offer into a 90-100 minute experience. It remains to be seen, however, if Sillent Hill 2 will work, since it’s been years since the previous success.

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