She loved “with papers” four times, and Florin Piersic left a hole in her soul: luck in love was not on the side of the beautiful Angela Similea

Angela Similea is, without a doubt, one of the most famous singers in our country. To a large extent, the artist was active in the pre-revolutionary period, when her songs were played almost everywhere: on the radio, on TV, and in special New Year’s Eve programmes.

In addition to her career, Angela Similea had another quality that did not allow her to go unnoticed: she was considered one of the most beautiful and elegant artists in our country.
Angela Similea

Angela Similea, a “rare bird” of Romanian music

Angela Similea was born on 9 July 1946 in the commune of 1 Decembrie, Ilfov county. She was the eldest of the family’s three children and the only girl.

“I was born near Bucharest, in the commune of 1 Decembrie, where my father was from. He was employed in the administration of the Royal Palace, and my mother was a simple peasant from a village near Mangalia. That’s where I spent my childhood and all my holidays, until I was a teenager.

I have the most beautiful memories of that place, the fascination I had with the images of a typical Dobrogian village – the flocks of sheep, the extraordinary herds of horses running free in the fields, the huts with huge melons as sweet as sugar, the meals in the fields, in the shade of the cart, when I went with my older cousins to mow, the taste of sheep’s milk yoghurt, which we ate with cold mămagnuță, or the taste of the melons that we would break in the morning, at dawn, full of dew, or that of the white, fragrant mulberries”, Angela Similea once told in an interview for Formula AS magazine.

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“I inherited my voice from my grandmother Anghelușa, my grandmother on my mother’s side, with whom I think I have a lot of similarities, it would seem even of destiny. She was a woman with a very strong character, but she was also sensitive in equal measure, which she never showed, because she didn’t want to appear vulnerable.

I have a very poignant memory of her. One day, on my runs through the yard, I went into the shed to look for Grandma, but stopped at the door because I heard her singing. She was singing a different song than I had ever heard her sing before. Grandma was singing, but I didn’t know that was the doina, and she was crying, thinking she was alone in the house, or she would never have shown us her weak moment.

And I didn’t come any closer, the pain in her voice and that sad song stopped me, I felt I had to respect her privacy and sadness. I inherited her tenacity in overcoming all hardships, even though I am a Cancer and sometimes I give the impression that I am not going forward, but backwards”, Angela Similea said about the art that made her famous.

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She first came to prominence at the Golden Stag International Festival in 1970, where she won the Silver Stag for her plays “After Night Comes Day” and “Twilight”.

Throughout his career, songs like “You are my spring” and “An infinite blue” ensured his immortality.
Angela Similea and Florin Piersic – archive image

Angela Similea’s love affairs

Angela Similea has been married four times. The first time she married Andi Constantin, a rugby player and electrician at CFR, and later divorced him and legalized her relationship with guitarist Sorin Movileanu.

As this marriage didn’t work out either, she found herself in the position of divorcing him and marrying Jan Hilgen, a Dutch businessman with whom the artist had a hard time. “I was a high turnover for him because of everything I stood for. My husband wouldn’t open a door without saying I’m Angela Similea’s husband“. According to the singer’s testimony, Hilgen also had a serious alcohol problem.

Her fourth marriage brought politician Victor Surdu into the picture, who sadly passed away in 2011 from an incurable disease.

However, few people knew that, beyond the official relationships she had, Angela Similea had also loved Florin Piersic at some point.

As I told you in a previous article, this secret relationship would have motivated, at one point, the actor’s wife at the time, Anna Széles, to “like” Angela Similea. Obviously, only the two of them know whether or not this is the truth.

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