Serif announces Affinity V2, an alternative to Adobe in a single-payer app bundle

Adobe has something of a “monopoly” on certain creative apps, these are industry standard for many areas. This has allowed the company to create Creative Suite subscriptions and offer access to apps like Photoshop, Illustrator or Premiere on a subscription basis only, without the ability to buy and use them on a long-term basis. This now allows alternatives to emerge, and Serif, the creator of the Affinity suite of creative apps and the biggest competitor to Adobe, has just released the Affinity V2 suite, which offers alternatives to Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign without a monthly subscription, just a one-off payment.

Affinity V2 offers alternatives to Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign

The new Affinity V2 package includes new versions of existing applications. The previous versions, V1, are still usable, but the new versions, V2, will offer access to new features and will continue to receive new software updates. Affinity Designer 2, Affinity Photo 2 and Affinity Publisher 2 are released simultaneously on Windows, macOS and iOS and can be purchased either separately or bundled.

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Among the new features, Serif mentions the ability to use Affinity Photo 2 for non-destructive editing on RAW files, the ability to save different versions and, of course, cross-platform working. This is currently the best alternative to Photoshop and is also compatible with projects made in the competing app.

The launch offer for the new Affinity V2 package is 40% off the normal price. There is the option to buy all three apps, with access to them on all three compatible operating systems, at 499 lei, reduced from 849.99 lei, or you can buy each app separately. Prices for the desktop versions are 204.99 lei each at the discounted price (down from 349.99 lei each), while the iPadOS versions cost 59.99 lei each, down from 99 lei full price.

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Given that an Adobe Photo license costs 12 euros per month, it may be that some customers will adopt the new Affinity V2 apps. But it all comes down to compatibility with Adobe projects and similarity in the way they work. Probably not many users in the professional area will want to sit around learning new ways of working, especially if they have projects going on.

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