Securitize tokenizes securities in Spain on Avalanche

The American Securitize is delighted to now have a foothold in Europe. Sa technology is operated by Spain’s Mancipi to raise 150 million euros via tokenized REIT shares issued on Avalanche.

Securitize Securitize has to its credit a number of large-scale fund tokenization operations in the United States, notably with Hamilton Lane and KKR. The company specializes in security tokens crosses the Atlantic this time.

The startup boasts that it is “now the first and only platform to issue digital asset securities both in the United States and Europein advance of a planned Europe-wide license”.

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Trading and settlement in high school this fall

For its European debut, Securitize signs a contract in Spain. The token issuance follows a previous announcement in June 2022. At that time, the firm joined the sandbox created by the Spanish regulator.

The regulator CNMV will initially supervise the issuance of tokenized shares by Securitize. In the autumn, the company will also cover trading and settlement as part of the European pilot scheme.

On the shutter showSecuritize has now begun operating in Europe. On July 27, the crypto startup began issuing digital assets, security tokens representing Mancipi S.A. sharesa Spanish real estate investment trust (REIT). The investment player plans to raise 150 million euros.

Securitize targets licenses in Spain and throughout Europe

The platform specifies that shares will be issued and tokenized on the Avalanche public blockchain. Secondary trading of tokenized shares is scheduled to open in September.

This is the first issue of natively tokenized shares under the EU pilot scheme in Europe,” claims Securitize.

The American startup doesn’t intend to stop there. Once its compliance with CNMV requirements has been validated, the company plans to land a license on securities in Spain, but also throughout Europe.EU.

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“The European companies will be the main beneficiaries of this innovation, which offers them a new way to raise capital through primary fundraising, and obtain potential tax benefits and liquidity through secondary trading,” says Carlos Domingo, co-founder and CEO of Securitize.

A first for a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)

We are very proud to be the first REIT to operate in this new market promoted by Securitize, as it will offer great advantages to investors in terms of new investment systems with security, transparency and agility, as well as giving us the opportunity to attract new investors to the European market and the United States,” reacts Ángel G. Maroto, Mancipi CEO and real estate asset manager.

L’Spain will be Securitize’s bridgehead in Europe. The company, whose CEO is himself of Spanish origin, already has a significant presence in the country.

A large part of its technology team is Spanish, it points out. In addition, Banco Santander is one of the company’s first investors. Securitize recently announced its expansion into Asia.

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