Samsung has launched Galaxy Enhance-X, an app that promises to improve the look of less-than-stellar photos

Powered by artificial intelligence algorithms, the Galaxy Enhance-X app is available through the Galaxy Store and allows Samsung phone owners to improve the look of less-than-stellar photos.

Launched exclusively for Samsung phone owners, the new app puts a range of powerful filters such as HDR, Brighten, Sharpen and Fix Blur into an easy-to-use interface. At the same time, using the More button brings up a list of Fix Moire, Remove Reflection, Portrait and Beauty options. Samsung will probably continue to expand this list in future versions of the app.

Among the filter capabilities accelerated by Samsung’s phone’s NPU (neural processing unit) co-processor is the upscale function, capable of converting low-res photos into sharper images. Another helper is Fix Moire, a filter responsible for optimising pictures taken behind the TV screen.

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It’s worth noting that the Galaxy Enhance-X app isn’t the only option for quick photo retouching, there are other solutions such as Google’s Snapseed, Adobe Lightroom and Picsart. Samsung also offers Expert RAW, an advanced image capture app available to Galaxy S, Note and Fold owners.

The Galaxy F Enhance-X app requires at least Android version 10 and can be installed for free on Galaxy S, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Z, Galaxy A and Galaxy M series phones.

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