ROG Phone 6 Pro, broken in half in endurance tests. VIDEO

ASUS’ ROG Phone series phones have proven to be some of the best performing phones on the market every year, but while they’re big, heavy and powerful, they don’t seem to be built as well as other, even cheaper models. The 2021 flagship ROG Phone 5 Pro didn’t fare very well in JerryRigEverything’s durability tests, and history seems to be repeating itself in 2022, as the new ROG Phone 6 Pro looks set to suffer the same fate.

ROG Phone 6 Pro, the most powerful gaming smartphone, isn’t the most durable

The ROG Phone 6 Pro is built in a similar fashion to last year’s model. ASUS has kept the overall shape, dimensions and even where the ports and antennas are located on the case. These were the elements that proved to be a problem with the previous model, and they are problematic on the new device as well. The power button placed on the middle of the right side and the USB port positioned on the opposite side seem to lead to compromised structural strength.

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Although we’re dealing with a metal frame around the phone and glass on both sides, it doesn’t seem to be made to withstand much shock when the bend test comes into question. The phone simply snaps in half, shattering the screen and glass panel on the back. Thus, this is not a recommended phone to carry in your back pocket, as sitting on it could lead to device destruction.

There are a few positives about it though: it integrates two USB charging ports, one on the bottom and one on the side, so you can charge without getting uncomfortable in use, no matter how you hold it. It’s also one of the few top chipset phones that still integrates a headphone jack.

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Of course those looking for a gaming phone don’t have many other options, and ASUS is one of the few companies that also offers a whole range of accessories dedicated to these phones. They may not be the most durable, but they’re certainly among the best equipped.

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