REVIEW Cunk on Earth – the Netflix documentary that informs but also entertains: some reasons not to miss it

Cunk on Earth is the latest documentary produced by the BBC, but one you can watch relaxed on Netflix if you happen to have a subscription to the streaming platform.

I’ll explain in a moment why Cunk on Earth is substantially different from any documentary you’ve probably seen before – on Netflix or anywhere else on the internet (or not).

Cunk on Earth, the mockumentary starring Diane Morgan

First of all, Cunk on Earth is not what you would call “your average documentary” as it is presented in an extremely funny manner.

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The very name “Cunk” brings to mind another word in the English language, impossible to spell here without taxing us with some supreme authority on trivial words.

And while we’re on the subject of “Cunk,” that’s the fictional name of the presenter of the miniseries in question, a character played by the masterful comedy actress Diane Morgan (Philomena Cunk).

Cunk on Earth takes you through some interesting and extremely funny episodes, in which you are presented with the most important information (you can be sure it’s real) about mankind, religion, wars, art, etc., in a special way, sprinkled with jokes meant to relax you, not just “fill you with culture”.

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As mentioned above, you will learn a lot about how the Greeks, Romans lived, how religion came to be on earth, who copied whom, in terms of the first Bible or the first “Saviour”, but also why Botticelli may not have actually had much talent for painting.

Obviously, this is not a documentary for the sensitive, as if you are an avowed fan of any of the sciences here, or perhaps very religious, you might be a little offended. However, if you have a sense of humour, you’ll quickly get over it.

As already announced at the beginning of this article, the documentary can be seen on Netflix.

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