REVIEW 1899 – the Netflix series that comes from the creators of Dark, and it feels it

If you watched the German series Dark on Netflix and liked it, now you can watch 1899, coming from the same creators.

At first glance, 1899 doesn’t differ much from its predecessor, but only in the sense that the details are many, and your attention needs to be sharp.

In fact, in sweet classic style, you may find yourself feeling the same frustration as Dark, because you can’t understand almost any of the action. Still, in the spirit of fairness, the script is excellent, and the wait to unravel the mysteries seems worth it in the end.

Why you’d watch 1899 on Netflix

1899 isn’t a show like any other. If you’re used to relaxing in the evenings with some honest binging, but have an affinity towards light-hearted series, this is not for you. 1899 doesn’t relax you in the slightest, but it works hard on your ability to keep your attention in one spot. Consider it, if you will, an exercise that will help you later in life.

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“The eight episodes of Netflix’s 1899 follow the mysterious circumstances surrounding the voyage of an immigrant ship leaving Europe and heading to New York. With completely different backgrounds, the passengers wait hopefully for the new century and dream of a better future in another country.

But their journey takes an unexpected turn when they discover another ship that has been missing for months and is now adrift, aboard which they will find something that will turn their journey to the promised land into a nightmarish mystery. What’s more, there seem to be inscrutable links between the passengers’ stories, which make up a whole web of secrets,” wrote the Playtech team in the interview, which you can read here.

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1899 excels at good quality slow-burn scripting, all exposed with flawless photographic technique.

Why would you watch 1899? Because if you’re a fan of such productions, this is one of the best in its niche.

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