Restomodded EV Land Rovers for use in British Army -.

We know that the future of cars is electric. Combustion engines are on their way out and major car companies are already promising to make their fleets fully electric within the next decade, and this means that other industries must follow suit, including the military space.

As reported by Top Gear, the British Army is looking at electric vehicle options for the future, starting with a few restomodded Land Rovers, removing the original car’s diesel engines and replacing them with an electric powertrain so they can be tested against their internal combustion engine counterparts to see how effective they will be in practice.

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It should be noted that four EV Land Rovers will currently be built as part of a one-year contract and will be tested with a variety of tasks and in a range of climates and environments.

Restomodded EV Land Rovers for use in British Army

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