Releasing Killsquad as a PlayStation console exclusive game “was a natural step,” says the developer. – That’s Gaming

Four years after its original launch for PC, Novarama’s co-op twin stick RPG shooter Killsquad is now available on PlayStation consoles. Given how long it takes after the original release of a console port, many would have assumed that the developer would choose to bring it to as many platforms as possible – so why is there no Xbox version of Killsquad?

In a recent interview, we posed the question to game director Daniel Sanchez-Crespo, who said that given Novarama’s history of working as a PlayStation-exclusive studio, it felt “natural” to follow the same path with Killsquad. Novarama, of course, has released several Invizimals titles exclusively for PlayStation platforms over the years.

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“Our studio has worked as a Sony-exclusive studio for 10 years, so for us making a PlayStation version was a natural step,” he said.

And how exactly does Killsquad take advantage of the PS5’s hardware, especially considering it is, after all, a four-year-old game? In addition to running at a locked 60 FPS, Sanchez-Crespo told us that the console’s SSD makes for faster load times.

“With the SSD, players can enjoy faster load times, which is very noticeable on a graphics-intensive game like Killsquad, with a lot of characters on screen,” he said.

Killsquad is now available for PS5, PS4 and PC.

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