Realm Architect nearly 400% funded – That’s Gaming

Realm Architect, a user-friendly immersive world-building VTT that eases the burden for gamemasters everywhere, was funded within 48 hours and is going well, reaching its 2nd stretch goal this week. The project is currently nearly 400% funded and doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

Realm Architect is a new Virtual Tabletop solution with a modern and intuitive user interface. It completely changes the way you create and play TTRPG campaigns, makes it easier than ever before to set up entire worlds, or Realms as they are called here, and takes away the time-consuming stress of preparing everything in minute detail.

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Thanks to generous TTRPG community donors, the project has already reached two of its stretch goals, meaning VTT is coming to Linux, Android and iOS, and the first of many hematic updates is already guaranteed: the (In)Sanity update will bring a Lovecraftian theme for fans of cosmic horror, and the next step will launch Realm Architect into space!

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