Razer enters sunglasses market –

Razer recently unveiled its collaboration with Retrosuperfuture, an Italian brand focused on eyewear. The collaboration resulted in Razer’s first pair of sunglasses, which turned out to be surprisingly boring.

As our friends at PC Gamer noted, there is no RGB lighting on the sunglasses, even though there is a thick strip on the top that would be perfect for shooting out multicolored lights. There is also virtually nothing to tell you that these are Razer sunglasses, and you only find that out by looking at the sides where the company has placed a small green logo.

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So this is all pretty disappointing, especially coming from the company that brought us the cyberpunk-looking Zephyr face masks. We’re not saying that was the height of fashion, but at least they had a look. With Razer’s sunglasses also fetching a hefty price of € 239, we expected much more flash.

What do you think of Razer’s sunglasses? Check out more about them here.

Razer enters sunglasses market

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