Puma offers a Web3 edition of its new sneakers on OpenSea

Puma MB.03 GutterMelo edition

The sports equipment manufacturer Puma organize on OpenSea an sale from NFT which can be exchanged for his new pair of MB.03 physical sneakers edition GutterMelo.

Pumain partnership with streetwear brand Web3 Gutter Cat Gang and the basketball player LaMelo Ballto offer a limited edition of its new sneakers MB.03.

The ” GutterMelo MB.03 will be offered in limited quantities and exclusively on the OpenSea marketplace through an NFT sale that will officially open on June 29, 2023. Non-fungible tokens can be exchanged for the physical pair of sneakers following the mint.

A unique design that combines LaMelo Ball’s signature style with PUMA and Gutter Cat Gang aesthetics,” reads the initiative’s website.

The NFT GutterMelo MB.03which represents the pair of sneakers in digital format, will also be usable as an avatar, says the announcement. Note that Puma offer early access to the drop.

Earlier this month, his rival Adidas also announced a drop for NFT to get its hands on a real pair of sneakers. The latter was also designed in collaboration with a Web3 player.

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Puma however, is not new to tokenization. The sporting goods brand has previously organized a sale of tokens associated with physical products.

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