Protected with Gorilla Glass Victus 2, the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s screen scratches even with dust in your pocket

Bad news for samsung fans who thought the Gorilla Glass Victus 2 year-old protection announced for the Galaxy S23 Ultra offered immunity from scratches of any kind.

Officially, Samsung is only claiming that Victus Glass 2 offers better protection in case the phone is dropped, in that the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s screen won’t shatter on first contact with concrete-covered pavement. Neither manufacturer Corning nor Samsung has made any substantiated claims that Victus 2 glass applied to the S23 series of phones would provide full scratch protection.
However, the fact that an increasing number of users are reporting that the phone’s screen gets fine scratches almost as soon as it is taken out of the box is cause for concern. Both for potential buyers who are still deliberating over the steep price, but especially for Samsung, accelerated screen degradation is a real cause for concern. For the South Korean manufacturer, too many complaints could pave the way for class-action lawsuits, concluding with decisions to unconditionally replace affected devices and even award damages.

According to the author of the video above, problems have been apparent since the first day of use, with the Galaxy S23 Ultra getting fine scratches on the screen even though the owner has been particularly careful with protecting the phone right out of the box. Besides, from the circular-shaped marks we can deduce that the marks were not left by excessive force, such as “wiping
In the meantime, new Galaxy S23 owners are encouraged to invest in additional protective measures, both for the screen and the phone’s case, with the aluminium side bezel in particular vulnerable.

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