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Paradox Interactive and Double Eleven today announced Prison Architect 2, the 3D successor to their prison management simulator. The game offers deeper simulation, more player control, a resident behavior system and creative options to define the next generation of management gameplay. Prison Architect 2 will launch March 26 on Steam, Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5. Enterprising architects can pre-order Prison Architect 2 on PC today.

Prison Architect 2 offers advanced simulation systems, allowing players to build intricate compounds with a high degree of creative freedom in a 3D environment. From building elaborate structures to managing inmates’ needs while maintaining the facility’s financial stability, Prison Architect 2 expands gameplay and creative tools across the board for an engaging sandbox experience. The game also introduces a connection system between inmates, who will make friends or enemies with each other, influencing who they will interact, cooperate or fight with. Prison Architect 2 takes prison building and management gameplay to a new level by entering the third dimension and offering a deeper simulation than ever before.

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“In Prison Architect 2, our team wanted to create the next level in management gameplay. Greater player freedom, impactful choices and prisoner simulation come together to offer an enhanced presentation of prison management, in a 3D world. Many beloved features return to help you manage your prisoners, quell riots, prevent escapes and share your prisons, but now platform-independent! In addition to a new upgrade system, a new career mode and more!” said Gareth Wright, Game Director at Double Eleven. “We look forward to seeing how players get creative with multiple floors and walkways to eventually build and expand in 3D. And then optimize and balance the safety, security and self-improvement of their prison.”

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