Playtech Partners with ITP, accessing Rich F2P & DFS Portfolio

🏛️ TopicPartnership Agreement
📍 CompaniesInside The Pocket (ITP) & Playtech
🤔 ObjectProvision of the game portfolio
🎮 Type of gamesF2P and DFS games

This agreement will facilitate the implementation of new customer management and loyalty features for Playtech’s partners to ultimately establish a true differentiation from competing offerings.

Inside The Pocket (ITP) is, to date, known as the largest free fantasy sports aggregator in the world. Following a partnership agreement signed with Playtech, it has handed over its games portfolio to the renowned interactive games provider. This move gives ITP the opportunity to expand its reach in the competitive gaming market.

Playtech is not new to the game and has the material to grow its new partner. In return, ITP is providing Playtech with a library of nearly 100 free and fully locatable daily fantasy games. This is in order to facilitate ITP’s adaptation to a larger market. Keep reading for the full scoop on Royals Blue

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A win-win agreement

ITP is now positioned as one of the leaders in F2P and DFS aggregation on the gambling market. All its know-how is available to new developers looking to enter this highly competitive segment.

The partnership agreement signed with Playtech will bring a new dynamic to ITP’s old operating mechanisms. In this way, former partner studios will have the opportunity to benefit from Playtech’s expertise and experience.

Playtech is also a winner in this partnership agreement. The development studio can now take advantage of the customer acquisition and retention tools. In fact, Playtech seems to have a preference for ITP’s premium customer portfolio. Indeed, ITP stands out for the quality of its demographic targeting of players who can be described as recreational.

Thanks to the lightness of F2P and DFS games, Playtech can optimize sustainable practices towards less important options. This allows the development studio to entertain a larger number of players while retaining them with digestible content.

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ITP is now a major name in interactive gaming. It is taking advantage of this association with one of the leading casino game providers, to create its place in a market that leaves little room for competition.

Playtech and ITP both welcome the agreement

Anthony Evans, Playtech’s Vice President of Product Strategy, congratulated ITP following the signing of the partnership agreement. He praised ITP’s international vision, which is a real advantage for Playtech from now on. According to him, this agreement is above all for the customers of his company. Indeed, the latter will have the chance to enjoy unique products and solutions that will help them to involve more players in an easier way.

On the other hand, Inside The Pocket’s founder and CEO, Hussain Naqi, says he is delighted that his company is associated with a center of excellence like Playtech. He praised the interactive games provider and promised to provide his best creations in order to surpass the competition.

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