Pixel phone owners will be able to turn off the ringtone and use voice commands

Reserved for Pixel phone owners, Google Assistant will support a new command to use to turn off the call announcement tone without also rejecting the call.

Different from rejecting the call, the command to stop the ringtone will allow the phone to ring in silent mode without letting the person on the other end know that we don’t want or can’t answer at the time.

To prevent accidental triggering, the new voice command will be triggered only by speaking a pre-defined phrase, making the gesture of rejecting a call slightly more complicated than pressing a button on the touchscreen.

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The good news is that the trigger phrase will be customisable at will, with Google already offering Quick Phrases functionality, which users can use to define triggered commands without saying “OK Google” every time. Currently, Pixel phone owners can only define Quick Phrases commands for accepting and rejecting calls. The list of supported commands also includes “Stop” and “Snooze” for turning off the alarm set on the phone.

The newly discovered functionality in the Android code is currently inactive, most likely reserved for the upcoming Pixel 7 family of phones.

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