Pixel 6a phones affected by a bug that allows fingerprint sensor to be ‘bypassed’

While the Pixel 6 series was criticised for its ultra-precise fingerprint sensor that failed to scan fingerprints fast enough, it seems the Pixel 6a alternative comes with a low-cost sensor that’s fast but far too easy to “trick”.

According to testimonials left on the tech support forums by recent Pixel 6a users, with enough successive attempts the fingerprint sensor can be unlocked with any fingerprint, much like fake Chinese phones sold on sites like Aliexpress and Wish.

While praise for the debut Pixel 6 series continues to pour in, reporting that the fingerprint sensor operation is much improved under the latest Android 13 beta, it seems that experiences with the Pixel 6a are once again disappointing Pixel series fans.

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Launched just a week ago, the Pixel 6a is still on its initial firmware release and Google probably won’t delay too long with the necessary fixes. In the meantime, users are discovering that they can also unlock the phone with fingerprints they didn’t register on the phone, or… their wife’s fingerprint.

From here, user dissatisfaction is understandable, as one of the most advanced Android phones seems to function just like the product of a no-name brand from China.

Otherwise, one user admits that there are no other problems with the new Pixel model: “I just got the Pixel 6a yesterday and everything works incredibly well for a phone that just came out. Instead, the same user says that “the fingerprint sensor is inside the screen, just like on the regular Pixel 6. I scanned both of my thumbs so I could unlock my phone with either my right or left hand. However, I decided to unlock it using my index finger by mistake. And it worked????”

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Another Pixel 6a owner says “Yes, I tried and my wife unlocked my phone in three tries.”

According to one slightly more experienced Pixel 6a user, the solution might be to wipe and re-register fingerprints. But it remains to be seen whether the new fingerprint signatures are as “generic”, trying again to unlock the phone using signatures of unregistered fingerprints.

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