Patient negative for Marburg virus is “stable” and “everything indicates” that he does not have the disease.

The ‘president’ of the Generalitat Valenciana, Ximo Puig, has ensured that the patient admitted this Friday at the hospital La Fe of Valencia as a suspected case of Marburg virus and who tested negative this Saturday in the genetic test is “stable”. “Everything points to the fact that he is not suffering from this disease,” he stressed.

“In any case, he is being treated and the medical staff is well pending before any event that may occur“, said Puig, in statements to the media, during the celebration this Sunday in Torrent (Valencia) of the Day of Andalusia.

The Ministry of Health confirmed this Saturday that the genetic test to identify the Marburg virus performed by the scientists of the Instituto de Salud Carlos III has ruled out the presence of this virus in the sample submitted. Likewise, the presence of Ebola virus has been ruled out.because of the presence of similar symptoms between the two diseases.

However, according to Salvador Peiró, a researcher at the Foundation for Biomedical Health Research of the Valencian Community (Fisabio), in an interview with Cadena SER and reported by Europa Press, Salvador Peiró said: “It is important to note that the presence of similar symptoms between the two diseases is not always the same. “during the first two or three days of symptoms of the virus, some cases are still negative in the tests”.. “Then, if it comes out positive, it is positive; but if it comes out negative, a second test will have to be done after two or three days,” he warned.

The patient was transferred this Friday from a private hospital and is being admitted to the High Level Isolation Unit of the Hospital Universitario y Politécnico La Fe de Valencia.which guarantees the safety of his care as well as the protection of the healthcare professionals treating him.

The Ministry of Health has drawn up a protocol for early detection of the Marburg virus. (EVM) and thus avoid secondary cases and protect the health of citizens. The text, which includes recommendations and instructions in the event of a suspected case, is published on the Ministry’s website.

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