Path of Exile 2 – Act 3, Sorceress and weapon switching shown in gameplay video – That’s Gaming

Grinding Gear Games’ Path of Exile 2 got a new trailer and details at ExileCon, along with the announcement that it will be a standalone game rather than an update. Also available is extensive new gameplay showing the new Monk and Sorceress classes and Act 3, set in the ruins of the Vaal civilization.

The developer also discusses several new mechanics, such as how each of the core stats – Strength, Agility and Intelligence – now has two classes instead of one. For the Sorceress, the team wanted to focus on “pure elemental destruction” compared to the Witch’s occult magic. She can switch weapons quickly, and you can set two sets of Passives for each, to switch from Lightning to Ice damage, for example.

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Other notable details include consumables from optional bosses that give permanent boosts to certain stats, the new Comet skill that deals massive damage, and the return of Alva. Path of Exile 2 will go into closed beta for PC on June 7, 2024. Stay tuned for more details in the coming year.

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