Parkside battery-powered tools are back at Lidl, but surprise, no more green ones. 3 interesting products

After a break of a few weeks, Lidl is bringing back Parkside tools with batteries. Unlike the standard ones in the company’s offer, with green casings, these are part of the semi-professional Performance range and have black casings. We’ve selected three products that we think are useful.

A percussion screwdriver, which has a maximum torque of 226 Nm and up to 3,600 revolutions per minute at idle, will be available for 279 lei. Lidl claims that this tool offers, compared to the Parkside PDSSA 20-Li A1: up to 25% more engine torque, up to 19% higher percussion frequency and up to 10 times longer engine life.

At the same time, a drill and screwdriver will be available for 499 lei. The tool supports a maximum drilling diameter of 150 mm in wood and a maximum of 16 mm in steel. Compared to the same Parkside PDSSA 20-Li A1 model, this product has 233% higher torque and 10% higher motor speed.

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Our third selected product is a pendulum saw. In this tool the number of blade strokes can be adjusted in the range 800 – 3,800, and seven steps are available. There is also a special setting for fine cutting. The cutting stroke length is 26 mm and the maximum depth is 26 mm.

Parkside Performance pendulum saw to be sold by Lidl.

There are 5 cutting angles available and the saw has an integrated LED lamp. Two blades are included in the box, one for wood and one for metal. Compared to the standard Parkside PSTDA 20-LI B3 pendulum saw, the Performance offers: up to 20% longer run time and up to 30% faster work progress.

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All Parkside Performance products come with a special carrying case and come with a 5-year warranty. Tools do not have batteries, which must be purchased separately. A set, which includes a 20 V, 2 Ah battery and charger, will be available for 149 lei. According to Lidl, the battery is fully charged quickly, in 60 minutes, and at the end the process stops automatically.

A smart battery model, 20 V, 8 Ah, will be available for 349 lei. It includes a three-step battery charge status indicator and can be connected via Bluetooth to mobile devices.

The products will go on sale at Lidl on Tuesday 27 December. You can see what other Parkside Performance devices and accessories Lidl will be selling on this page.


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