OSOM V1 will come with a secure USB cable that can stop data transfer on demand

OSOM OV1, the new phone produced by the former team behind Essential Phone, will probably not change the smartphone market, but it will certainly put a more special charging cable in the hands of those who will choose it. Named the “Privacy Cable”, it will be delivered in the phone’s box and will allow users to choose whether or not to allow data transfer, or just upload, via a physical button.

OSOM V1 doesn’t seem to stray far from the idea behind the Essential Phone. The new company is preparing to launch its first Android phone, promising very clean software and fast updates, a high-end processor and a compact design. Basically, it looks like an Essential Phone 2, with the fingerprint sensor on the back of the case.

OSOM V1 will focus on user data privacy

However, OSOM seems to be concerned with protecting users’ privacy by promising features such as the pre-installed Brave browser, the pre-installed Signal messaging service, and advanced software capabilities for personal data control. And the charging cable is extra hardware protection, which doesn’t allow other connected devices to download data from your phone. This is because it includes a physical button, which can control whether data transfers are allowed or not.

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When the cable button is in the “on” position, it only allows the phone’s battery to be charged. Of course, the phone will work with any USB-C cable for charging and / or data transfer, but only the cable in the box, OSOM Privacy Cable, will ensure the confidentiality of the data.

Most likely, it will be for sale separately, and it could work with other devices to “cut off” unapproved data transfers when connecting to new devices.

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OSOM V1 was supposed to be officially announced at MWC22, but the company decided to push the launch for the second half of the year, in order to benefit from a new processor, Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, compared to the Snapdragon 888 model originally planned.

source: Android Police

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