Online Casino technology advances to keep an eye on

The online gambling industry is one of the many that reaped huge benefits from technological advancements. Not long ago, casinos were a thing you could only dream about visiting, and an existing online casino seemed impossible. However, today, competition is high as online casinos are constantly trying to outdo each other with amazing features.

The gaming experience only gets better as technology advances. Therefore, we have put together some of the best technological advances to keep an eye out for as an online casino player.

The Emergence of Online Casinos

Before technology, you had to travel interstate just to play a game of poker or slot machines if you live in an area without local casinos. Over time, most local pubs installed casino machines for locals in the area, where you can get free spins and receive payments. However, for the full gambling experience, people still had to travel to megacities like Las Vegas to get the best of the best. Thanks to the combination of fast technology and the internet, online casinos can give you the exact same access.

Today, some of the biggest names in the industry are investing a ton of cash to grow their online casino platform. This is to make it more enjoyable and easily accessible for players. Money goes especially into research and development of games and their delivery for laptops and mobile phones.

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Online casinos are played by millions around the world and every day, the immersive experience takes a new step. Online casinos are very close, if not already at the point of creating the same environment as seen in world-class land casinos.

What are the Advantages of Online Casinos over Land Casinos?

Online casinos have several advantages over land casinos, which has helped them gain ground in penetrating the market. For one, online casinos are far less expensive than land ones. When playing online, you can stake as little as $1 in some games, while receiving numerous budget-friendly bonuses too. However, with physical casinos, you certainly can’t walk into and stake $1 in a round table.

The bonuses offered in online casinos are another thing too. A majority of online platforms offer hundreds and even thousands in bonuses. This includes sign-on bonuses, holiday bonuses, loyalty bonuses, win bonuses, funding bonuses, and more. For example, Bet 365 offers up to 5 times your deposit bonus, JackpotCity offers up to $1,600, and Spin Casino, $1,000.

Online casinos are also very comfortable to play compared to land casinos. You have access to over 1000 games to choose from in minutes. There are also more advanced options like live dealers and with minimal withdrawal time. Basically, you would receive your money within 24 hours after placing a request. However, only play in online casinos with a legitimate gambling license. Also, be sure to cross-check if it is permitted in the laws of your jurisdiction.

What are some Online Casino Technologies to look out For?

Here are some of the technological advancements to keep an eye out for in the online casino industry:

VR and AR

Arguably the most exciting, VR and AR are technologies that are being incorporated into online casino gaming on a daily basis. The environment of a land casino can be fabricated using VR, creating a new space and sound for the user, especially for live casinos. AR, on the other hand, uses the player’s existing world as a background and adds extra elements to spice things up. However, creating a completely virtual world requires special software and hardware.

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Crypto Casinos

Since bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are surging in popularity and casinos are pushing the very edge of technology. Therefore, having casinos that accept crypto payment only makes sense. There has been a rising number of casinos accepting crypto as payments and allowing players to wager with them. However, because cryptos are volatile, be sure to look out for market values before cashing out.

Live Casino Technology

Live casino technology is certainly not new, however, it is certainly not perfect either. It is one of the most enjoyable ways to play online as it creates a similar experience to being in a land casino. Live dealers and HD video feed come together to offer realistic gameplay for users who are miles away at home. Instead of watching a digital roulette spinning, you can see the one at the physical casino live and interact with other players from your couch. This technology would only get better.

Online Casino Security

Security is one of the strong pillars of running an online casino. It is very vital that players know their information, deposit and withdrawals are safe from external criminals. Firstly, only play in casinos with an SSL certificate securing their website while also having two-factor authentication.

However, new security features are being developed very frequently, making casinos safer than ever. Security is surely one of the areas to look out for new technologies in the industry, as criminals find new ways to bypass existing protocols.

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