OnePlus Nord Watch officially launched. Promises 30 days of battery life

Entering the smartwatch market since last year, OnePlus launches Nord Watch, the first model for the affordable OnePlus Nord range.

The Nord Watch comes with a 1.78″ AMOLED display and 368×448 pixel resolution. Like the rival Apple Watch, the screen comes with straight edges, cropped only at the corners to leave as much room as possible for running apps.

Unfortunately, at the $85 price ($60 launch price) we can’t expect advanced features like integrated GPS mode. Instead Nord Watch uses the phone’s GPS synced via Bluetooth connection to put measurements obtained with its own sensors into context.

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Developed as a unisex accessory, the OnePlus Nord Watch can also be used by women to track their menstrual cycle. Otherwise, there are fitness accessory-specific functions such as activity tracker, pulse monitoring, oxygen concentration, sleep quality monitoring.

Equipped with an accelerometer, the device can automatically detect the activity performed (ticked from a list of 105 supported exercise types), the session then appears in the smartphone app.

Although it has a capacity of only 230mAh, the built-in battery should provide 10 days of battery life under normal use, or up to 30 days in low-power mode with reduced functionality.

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Shipped in a zinc alloy and polycarbonate casing with IP-68 certification for water and dust protection, the OnePlus Nord Watch is only available to buyers in India for now, with the manufacturer offering no information on a possible European release.

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