OnePlus is working on a mechanical keyboard for the PC

The OnePlus brand debuted in the market and is mainly known for smartphones. There have been attempts over the years to get into other areas, such as true wireless headsets, or even smartwatches, but these haven’t proven as successful as phones. Now, the company is announcing that it will enter another new market, PC peripherals. Apparently, a keyboard with mechanical buttons is the next product to enter the OnePlus portfolio.

OnePlus will also enter the productivity peripherals market

According to Percy T, Product Manager at OnePlus, the company is preparing to announce a customizable keyboard with mechanical switches. These have become very popular in recent years, especially in the gaming peripherals area, but the model that OnePlus will make will definitely be more focused on the productivity area.

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The announcement was made on the official OnePlus forum in an attempt to gather feedback from the brand’s community. Alongside the news of a OnePlus keyboard, a photo has been attached showing a box of sample mechanical switches, which the team is using to test and choose the exact model that will be used in final production. Samples for the keycaps can also be seen.

oneplus caps

OnePlus thus also revealed its goals in developing a keyboard. It should feel soft to the touch, but offer increased durability over time. It also needs to be suitable for most cases of working on a computer. It also needs to be fully durable over the long term. Gaming is also mentioned, but surely this keyboard will be built primarily for productivity, but it should also offer a good user experience including video games.

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What we don’t have at the moment is a timeline for the completion of this project.

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