OIREP Packaging Association calls for transparency in the packaging waste management process

OIREP Packaging Association through its members – CCAT Environmental Responsibility, Clean Recycle, Ecologic 3R Packaging, Eco Smart Union, Eco-Rom Packaging, Eco Synergy, Financiar Recycling, GreenPoint Management, Green Resources Management and Partslife Packaging Disposal Service Romania, calls for the transparency of the packaging waste management process.

In the current context, the OIREP Packaging Association supports the implementation of a Clearing House mechanism. This mechanism would ensure transparency and efficiency in the management of packaging waste in the municipal stream by delegated operators, by involving OIREP in operational aspects, as a real partner of local public authorities, aiming at ensuring national coverage of extended producer responsibility obligations, optimizing the separate collection system and ensuring economic efficiency, both in terms of management costs and revenues obtained from the material recovery of packaging waste.

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The OIREP Packaging Association also proposes that environmental legislation should be put back on the right footing, based on competitiveness, transparency and performance, so that the establishment of liability for one part of the packaging waste management chain is linked to the provision of the economic/operational instruments needed to meet these obligations.

Thus, the OIREP Packaging Association wants any legislative changes to be made after assessing their impact on the whole system, i.e. after providing the framework for a real and constructive public debate, allowing the applicability of the regulations and the conduct of business in full legality throughout the value chain.

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The OIREP Packaging Association and its members consider as a step forward towards transparency the mandatory introduction, from 1 January 2023, of the use of the Information System for Ensuring the Traceability of Waste (SIATD), a tool through which the Ministry of the Environment, Water and Forests and the Administration of the Environment Fund can act in a timely manner to monitor in real time the transactions with packaging waste, with the aim of eliminating fictitious declarations of recycling/recovery of packaging waste. We call for further development of the system by introducing new tools that help users to provide and receive real-time information from SIATD, reducing their operational costs.

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