Offworld Industries implements Squad Update v4.3 today – That’s Gaming

Offworld Industries is excited to launch Squad Update 4.3 for all players today! The v4.3 update brings with it an improved version of Squad’s Manic-5 map (now called “Manicouagan”), a very extensive overhaul of the Militia faction, the ability for server owners to tag their servers, and a new Find Match feature on the main menu.

Militia gets an overhaul

Militias have been updated in a way that also fits with the concept of creating more unique-feeling factions. They want each faction to have a unique feel in addition to individual strengths and weaknesses. For militias, the changes were aimed at making them more focused on ambushes and entrenchment/defense, as well as improving the quality of their infantry, since their vehicle lineups still leave much to be desired compared to conventional factions.

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Map Bio: After a successful amphibious landing at Goose Bay in Labrador, opposition forces moved south along the 389 Highway to Quebec and took the Daniel-Johnson hydroelectric dam and surrounding area. This crippled the power infrastructure of the northeastern United States and led to counterattacks by U.S. and Canadian forces. After a pause in the fighting, American and Canadian troops are making a final attempt to retake the dam.

Map features: Manicouagan is a 4×4 km map that offers players much more freedom in terms of how they want to approach their objectives, and improved flow compared to previous iterations of the map (e.g., Manic-5). However, deep rivers cut through central areas, limiting troops without amphibious capabilities (such as the U.S. Army or Canadians) to using bridges and shallows as crossing points. Amphibious forces will have more tactical opportunities to flank their opponents from unexpected angles.

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The map includes fortified military positions, industrial facilities, residential areas and farmland. Some parts of the map offer longer lines of sight than others, but the dense Canadian forest and less drastic elevation changes across the map limit the line of sight in most locations.

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