New characters in Indiana Jones 5: who will play Indy’s daughter in the next film

A new image from Indiana Jones 5 reveals the character played by Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

For the first time since Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Harrison Ford returns as the whip-wielding archaeologist for a fifth Indiana Jones film, which currently has no official title.

As a reminder, the team was at the D23 Expo event in Anaheim, California in early September. At the event, Harrison Ford premiered a first sequence from the new film. What we can tell you is that the new Indiana Jones won’t lack the humor we’ve already grown accustomed to.

What we know so far about the upcoming Indiana Jones movie

Earlier this year, Indiana Jones 5 producer Frank Marshall revealed the first details about Waller-Bridge’s character, saying that she will metamorphose into Indy’s daughter Helena.

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Recently, Empire released the first official image of Helena in Indiana Jones 5 (you can see the photo in the header of this article).

A few additional details about the character have also been shared. Waller-Bridge described Helena as an enigma, while Mangold “painted” her more as a femme fatale.

The action of Indiana Jones 5 takes place in 1969, during the height of the space age, and will thrust Indy into a battle with Nazi sympathizers.

However, many details about Waller-Bridge’s character remain under wraps, aside from her name, her relationship with Indy, and that she will play a pivotal role in the story.

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Given that Helena has also been described as “a mystery and a wonder,” the classic unexpected plot twists are probably inevitable for Indy’s daughter.

Of course, this new image from Indiana Jones 5 shows us Helena, but based on what Waller-Bridge and Mangold have described, it looks like the character will be a complex one, and definitely a charismatic one. In other words, more than just a picture.

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