Netflix subscription prices for the version with ads. How long will advertising last during a movie

Netflix comes out with new subscription prices. Right now, you can watch movies and series on Netflix without interruption, but the platform plans to introduce ads, and if you don’t want them, you’ll have to pay extra.

How much will Netflix subscription with ads cost

Bloomberg claims to have learned how much the Netflix with ads version will cost and how much advertising will be shown. So far, the streaming platform hasn’t confirmed the information, but it hasn’t denied it either.

Also, there won’t be just one Netflix version with ads, but one that corresponds to each of the three currently available subscriptions. In the US, future versions of Netflix subscriptions with ads will cost between $7 and $9.

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According to the same source, Netflix would show around four minutes of advertising per hour at the beginning and middle of content. At the same time, when it comes to children’s content and some Netflix original movies and series, no ads will appear.

Speaking of price, Netflix launched in Romania at the same price it was available in the US at the time, future versions with ads could be priced the same in other markets, including our country. The new subscriptions could even launch this year in some countries, but the platform has not yet announced in which countries exactly.

Netflix subscriptions with ads won’t allow downloading content for offline viewing

Disney Plus is the first video streaming service to announce a specific launch date for its subscription with ads. The next service to take this step is Netflix, but the rollout will most likely happen early next year, or even this year, but only in certain countries.

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However, the latest sources claim that the upcoming Netflix ad-supported subscription will not allow downloading content for offline viewing. It may seem like a big minus, but ads can’t be inserted without internet access, so the subscription would be rendered ineffective if users downloaded their favorite movies and shows offline and watched them ad-free.

Many Netflix users don’t agree with the new subscriptions, which is why the company lost nearly 1 million subscribers last quarter. Revenues are down, and Netflix is looking for different ways to monetize. One of them is the disappearance of account sharing.

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