Nansen and Kaiko aim to help institutions navigate the crypto market

Blockchain data experts Nansen and Kaiko have formed a partnership to develop a analysis platform which offers a overview on the centralized crypto exchanges and decentralized.

This Thursday, Singapore’s Nansen and Frenchman Kaiko, two of the world’s leadinganalytics blockchainhave jointly announced a alliance.

The two companies plan to leverage Nansen’s portfolio data and Kaiko’s market data to build a solution that will provide a global view from centralized cryptocurrency exchange platforms (CEX) but also decentralized (DEX).

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According to Kaiko, which raised $53 million in Series B last year, the crypto market is characterized by the fragmented nature of transactions on various exchanges. And this fragmented landscape “poses numerous obstacles to institutions, making it difficult to fully understand blockchain ecosystems, market dynamics and regulatory compliance,” explains the Paris-based company, which recently opened new offices in Hong Kong.

The platform designed by Nansen and Kaiko will facilitate market analysis, trend identification, liquidity changes and trading strategy evaluation.

The integration of on-chain and market data provided by Nansen and Kaiko offers a more comprehensive view, opening up new perspectives in the crypto space,” commented Alex Svanevik, Nansen’s boss.

Last month, Nansen announced it was laying off 30% of its employees.

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