Moto G Play 2022 gets unofficial specs and images

Expected for release by the end of this year, the Moto G Play 2022 is just one of Motorola’s phones aimed at budget buyers, recommended more for its exterior design than the hardware on offer.

According to officially unconfirmed teaser images, the new Moto G Play finally ditches the cutout screen after the “drop” design, in favor of a solution that puts the front-facing camera behind a centrally applied perforation. However, other telltale aspects for a low-cost phone, such as the “chin” left at the bottom of the screen, remain unchanged. While not necessarily a useful change, the dual-camera system seen on last year’s model gives way to an equally useless triple-camera, organized in a 16MP + 2MP + 2MP configuration. The front camera is a 5MP model, useful for video calls and unpretentious selfie shots.

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Returning to the screen, it’s LCD with IPS technology and is capped at HD+ resolution (720×1600 pixels), stretched across a 6.5-inch diagonal.

On the side of the casing you can see the Power and Volume keys, missing however is the 3.5mm audio jack output, a sign that wired headphone fans are starting to disappear even in the low-cost phone range.

According to the preliminary specs list, the Moto G Play 2022 comes equipped with the MediaTek Helio G37 chipset, a modest solution assisted with 3GB RAM and 32GB internal storage. Put in this context, the 5000mAh battery could provide up to a few days of battery life.

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The Moto G Play 2022 is expected to come with Android version 12, it remains to be seen if Motorola will at least deliver the update to Android 13. Motorola could announce the new smartphone in the coming weeks, hoping to offer an interesting alternative to Android fans who don’t have a generous budget.

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