MLBB Indonesia MDL 10th season to include women’s teams

Video game developer Moontonannounced in a press release that the Indonesian MDL to feature women’s teams for its tenth season.. Teams will be selected from their tournaments WSL Season 8 and WSL Invitational 2024. This season is expected to be held between the second and third quarter of 2024.

This move reflects that this official professional league has been the first to allow women’s teams to move up. Moonton Esports Indonesia PR Manager Azwin Nugraha said that such moves, while innovative and pioneering in nature, have always reflected MLBB’s openness when it comes to organizing tournaments.

From the beginning, MLBB Esports has been inclusive, so it is not limited to anyone, including our family members with special needs. Inclusiveness is not only about gender equality, but it means that all audiences can participate and compete at different levels to make their dreams come true.

Azwin Nugraha, public relations manager for Moonton Esports in Indonesia.

WSL head of events Krishna Aurora welcomed the launch of CDM Indonesia, stating that this partnership is a solution for MLBB players that often have little opportunity to improve their skills and competitive spirit.

With the entry of the WSL team into the MDL, it will prove that women can also compete on equal terms with men on the same stage.

Krishna Aurora, WSL Head of Events.

Indonesia is one of the top countries for MLBB women’s competition. Team Bigetron Era won the MLBB Women’s Invitational 2022, and the national team won the Gold Medal in the women’s MLBB division at the 32nd Southeast Asian Games in Cambodia last year.

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