Microsoft launches PC Manager, an alternative to CCleaner for software “maintenance

“Maintenance” applications for the Windows operating system have proven to be very useful over time, as they clean up systems of all kinds of unwanted files, fix problems left behind by various applications, and ensure that performance remains at a high level over time. CCleaner used to be the perfect “tool”, but over time, it turned out that after the acquisition of Avast, it became a tool for collecting data from users’ PCs. Fortunately, after “blocking” this app, Microsoft also comes with an alternative: PC Manager, compatible with Windows 10 and 11.

PC Manager puts many features already available in Windows in a more easily accessible place

Microsoft has announced PC Manager, a new application for software maintenance of Windows PCs. It is currently available in beta and allows some basic functions for quickly cleaning up unwanted files from your computer. It doesn’t offer a lot of new features, nor some as advanced as the old CCleaner, but we’re only talking about a first version at the moment, which might get improvements over time.

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For example, you can quickly see what applications are installed on your PC and uninstall what you don’t want, reminiscent of the old Add/Remove Programs in old Windows. There’s also the ability to scan to clean up temporary or unwanted files, and a system for managing processes that have been started on your system.

There is also a button that does several actions automatically, called Boost, which will close unnecessary applications and processes and quickly clean up temporary files that take up space. You can also choose which applications at Windows startup to run or stop.

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These capabilities would be especially useful on older computers, since newer ones have processors powerful enough to support background processes and enough RAM that you don’t have to close too many applications ever.

PC Manager appeared on Microsoft’s China site, and the app is not currently available from other sources. It’s possible that the Chinese market will be chosen for testing, as they may have more low-spec computers in use than others.

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