Metaverse: the French government launches a consultation

The General Directorate of Enterprises organizes a public consultation on the metaverses. The companies but also the citizens are invited to express themselves on the subject through a questionnaire.

The General Directorate of Enterprisesa department of the administration attached to the Ministry of Economy and Finance, announced Tuesday the opening of a consultation on the ” immersive virtual worlds “, more commonly called metaverses.

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What is a metaverse?

The government defines the metaverses as “online services giving access to simulations of virtual spaces that allow its users to be immersed in another reality than the physical world that surrounds them and to interact, in real time, with other users and their virtual environments through a avatar “.

In its announcement, the administration specifies that the “virtual universes of tomorrow will be able to take on several forms and modalities of use”, by relying on various technological bases such as the virtual realityaugmented reality, digital twins, game engines but also the blockchain.

Defining a strategy and offering “an alternative”

French companies, associations and citizens can now participate in the consultation by answering an online questionnaire.

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The answers will help to create a “ French strategy able to anticipate this transition” and to propose a ” alternative “to the digital worlds developed by the tech giants, such as Meta (ex-Facebook).

For several months now, the development of virtual immersive worlds has been a key issue in the economic debate, with many companies positioning themselves either as solution providers or as users. Beyond the effects of fashion, it seems today, at least, that an immersive digital transition is taking shape,” the announcement states.

Last year, during the presidential election, Emmanuel Macron proposed the creation of a European metaverse in the name of the protection of creators.

Recently, the European Commission has also launched a call for contributions on the theme of the metaverse.

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