Mercedes-Benz unveils an NFT collection via its Web3 branch

Mercedes-Benz NXTthe new Web3 division from car manufacturerwill offer a first NFT collection named ” Maschine “designed in collaboration with the artist Harm van den Dorpel.

Opened earlier this month, Mercedes-Benz NXT is the “house” dedicated to digital objects from Mercedes. On Tuesday, the Web3 branch of the popular German car brand introduced a collection by NFT.

Named “Maschine”, the series of 1000 non-fungible tokens is the result of a partnership between Mercedes-Benz NXT, the Dutch conceptual artist Harm van den Dorpel and the group of collectors Fingerprints DAO.

Multi-faceted artist Harm van den Dorpel has been at the forefront of blockchain-based art since 2015 [โ€ฆ] For Maschine, Harm has chosen movement, speed and perception as his main themes. Each of the 1,000 unique artworks represents a fascinating radial pattern of complex, ever-changing illusions that occur when certain objects rotate and accelerate,” explained Mercedes-Benz NXT.

We also learn that Gorden WagenerMercedes-Benz design director since 2016, worked closely with Harm van den Dorpel.

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The drop of the collection, accessible from Europe, will take place on June 7, 2023 at 6 p.m. via a Dutch-style reverse auction on the Fingerprints DAO platform.

Mercedes-Benz NXT subsequently plans to issue two other collections which will form the basis of several other “satellite and peripheral projects”. See the tweet below.

Last year, Mercedes-Benz joined the consortium Aura Blockchain to take advantage of technologies NFT and blockchain with the ambition of “taking the customer experience to the next level”.

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Many automakers, such as Ferrari, Porsche and Renault, have plunged into blockchain. Web3 and launched token collections.

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