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Fulqrum Publishing and Ukrainian studio Best Way are pleased to announce today that the highly anticipated next installment in the beloved strategy franchise, Men of War II is coming to PC on September 20, 2023 via Steam, Epic Games Store and other digital stores. Along with the release date, a new trailer reveals a plethora of never-before-revealed content; even more, including gameplay features that fans of the previous Men of War games have been eagerly requesting, will soon be revealed.

At launch, the game will include three massive single-player narrative campaigns, leading the player through explosive fictional stories against a historically accurate backdrop. With storylines from three world powers – the Americans, Soviets and Germans – players will use military strategy to devastate their opponents and achieve various tactical goals.

In the American campaign “The Falaise Pocket,” players take on the role of Allied troops tasked with eliminating German forces west of the Seine River.

‘Thwarted Blitzkrieg’ is the Soviet campaign and follows an almost hopeless situation for the USSR as they struggle to slow down the advancing German tank troops.

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In the German campaign “On Their Own Soil,” players act as an old soldier amid the collapse of the Third Reich, following the difficult path of retreat and loss in a war that was never really his.

Each story describes the scale of battle and conflict from the historical backgrounds on which they take place, giving the player a realistic experience with intense real-time combat action.

In addition to these heart-pounding story battles, six other bonus stand-alone missions offer players even more heart-pounding action.

Historical campaigns
In addition to the narrative campaigns, players will have the opportunity to delve deeper into real historical operations with the U.S. “Operation Overlord,” the Allied operation in Western Europe and the Soviet “Operation Bagration,” a large-scale Soviet offensive against Nazi Germany. through a series of related missions.

These historical campaigns offer the player more dynamic choices in choosing their battalions and units to defeat the enemy threat.

Raids and Conquest
Two other campaign modes offer even more variety. The first is Raids, a series of 16 randomly generated battles in which players progress by defeating their opponents and upgrading their battalions with currency won in each subsequent round of combat.

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Conquest offers a truly dynamic campaign in which the player chooses a path for his army, attempting to conquer territory. These attempts are challenged by AI battalions, who will constantly counterattack in an intense fight to recapture it. This advanced AI can also be used in any map or multiplayer mode.

Multiplayer mobilized!
Men of War II will also showcase more than 20 handcrafted multiplayer maps, 5 special PVE game modes and 13 PVP game modes.

As for PVE experiences, all single-player content will also be playable in co-op with up to 4 other players, providing a true allied experience when players join forces with friends to ambush their opponents.

Robust Mod support
Action never stops thanks to a significantly redesigned and modified GEM RTS engine, with an expanded editor and full mod support at launch, Men of War II is poised to keep growing with community-created content for years to come.

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