Meet Your Maker Roadmap has been unveiled with the plans – That’s Gaming

Developer Behaviour Interactive has revealed its roadmap for planned updates and content for the upcoming shooter Meet Your Maker. The roadmap includes a number of updates, including a new deco pack, the addition of new mods and customizations, and a major content update.

The Hellscape deco pack is scheduled to be the first free update for the game and will be released on April 18. The deco pack allows players to change the aesthetics of their creations in Meet Your Maker by combining industrial and organic elements.

Following the release of the deco pack, the studio will work from April to May to add new mods and modifications to Meet Your Maker. These will be rolled out as multiple releases during the first few months of the game. Players can unlock these additions by spending in-game currency while playing.

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June will see the release of the first major content update for the game. Titled Sector 1: Dreadshore, the update adds a new environment to the game that takes players beyond the regular deserts. The update also brings with it a new deco pack, and a host of other features, including new gameplay elements, weapon upgrades and perks.

Meet Your Maker comes out on PC and consoles on April 4.

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