Meet the world’s first carbon zero shoe –

The M0.0NSHOT trainer from AllBirds is the world’s first carbon zero shoe. Made using a combination of carbon zero materials and efficient craft practices, the M0.0NSHOT have already made their mark on the world of shoes.

With a sleek gray design and futuristic look, the M0.0NSHOT is a shoe that would attract attention even if it weren’t so eco-friendly. AllBirds hopes that this big step in the shoe game can help others do the same, and so it is open-sourcing the technology and toolkit it used to create the M0.0NSHOT.

In a world where we’re constantly striving to be more environmentally friendly, it’s good to see products like the M0.0NSHOT making big waves. Read more about the shoe here.

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Meet the world's first carbon zero shoe

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