Maserati Grecale, the new SUV under Stellantis: when it will be launched

Maserati has announced the launch date of the Grecale SUV, which will compete with the Porsche Macan and BMW X3.

Maserati has announced that it will unveil its Grecale SUV on March 22, after its presentation was postponed last year.

The launch, originally scheduled for November, was moved in the spring of this year due to a global chip shortage.

The new model will be built at the Stellantis parent plant in Cassino, central Italy, where the carmaker is already producing Alfa Romeo’s Stelvio SUV and Giulia sedan.

Grecale will be positioned under the Maserati Levante and will compete with SUVs such as the Porsche Macan and the BMW X3.

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It will be supported by Father Stellantis’ Giorgio platform, currently used for Stelvio, and is expected to have a fully electric version.

The second SUV launched by Stellantis in 2022

Recently, Alfa Romeo unveiled its first model to be launched under the Stellantis umbrella.

Tonale is built on the FCA Small Wide platform, which is the basis of Jeep Compass and Renegade. It will be built in the Stellantis factory in Pomigliano, southern Italy. Sales begin in June, after a delay of several months for fine-tuning.

Like Stelvio, Tonale is named after an Italian mountain pass. It was first presented at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show.

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Alfa said it was the first carmaker to connect a car with an NFT digital certificate or non-fungible token.

Tonale NFT is based on blockchain technology and provides owners with a confidential, unchangeable record of their vehicle’s life cycle.

With the customer’s consent, NFT will record the Tonale data, generating a certificate that can be used as a guarantee that the machine has been properly maintained. Alfa Romeo expects the actual data contained in the NFT, not only the planned maintenance, but also any upgrades applied to the vehicle, the distance it was driven and the way it was driven to increase its residual value.

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