LVP launches SF6 IMPACT Series by LEGION: official competition to choose the best player in Spain and Portugal

LVP (GRUP MEDIAPRO) will launch the next August 20 the IMPACT Series by LEGION from Street Fighter 6, a new official competition of the Capcom which will determine the best player in Spain and Portugal of the popular fighting title. The competition is part of Capcom’s official circuit, World Warrior, and will award a Capcom Cup berth.

IMPACT is a new LVP brand that will encompass tournaments and actions based on fighting games. IMPACT is born with the collaboration of Javier Sanabria “Sh4rin“and his experienced team, with the aim of to take fighting games to a new level in Spain. and to be close to the fan community of this kind of games. The first big action will be the Street Fighter 6 IMPACT Series, which will start next August 20 and whose competition will last until the end of November.

For LVP it is an honor to bet on IMPACT, a new brand that will group actions and competitions dedicated to fighting titles. And we are even more pleased to launch it with the Street Fighter 6 IMPACT Series by LEGION, since Capcom’s title is a benchmark for several generations of players.

Jordi Soler, CEO of LVP

The Street Fighter 6 IMPACT Series by LEGION will consist of five different tournaments that will form a scoring competition circuit. Players from Spain and Portugal will be able to sign up through the following link www.start.ggand each tournament (Aug. 20, Sept. 17, Oct. 1, Oct. 22 and Nov. 12) will be streamed through IMPACT’s Twitch channel,

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From the accumulated score in the five tournaments will come the top eight players of the competition, who will go on to dispute the grand final of the IMPACT Serieswhich will be held in person on the following day November 26 in Barcelona and will also be available online on Twitch. The champion of the competition will be the representative of Spain and Portugal in the Capcom Cup.

The Street Fighter 6 IMPACT Series by LEGION is sponsored by. LEGION (Lenovo), Microsoft e Intel. To follow all the IMPACT news, LVP has launched profiles on Twitter (@IMPACTLVP), Youtube (impactlvp), Discord and Twitch (impactlvp), in addition to the website

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