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Lumencraft is a unique combination of a top-down, rogue-like shooter and base building with tower defense elements and is now out of Early Access on Steam, GOG, Epic Game Store and macOS AppStore. Drill through underground corridors and shafts to collect humanity’s only hope for survival. Of course only if you survive yourself….

Lumen is a mysterious resource that can cause the rebirth of humanity. 200 years after society and civilization have collapsed, brave miners called explorers venture into the depths of the planet to extract the precious mineral. But shadows in Lumencraft contain not only the life-giving gems, but also deadly creatures that could spell the end of humanity.

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Game Features:
– Multiple game modes – a story campaign, custom maps created by the developers and the community or procedurally generated levels. The choice is yours!
– Defending the underground settlement by direct combat and the use of diversified turrets.
– Highly efficient and satisfying digging mechanics (just listen to the sweet sound of crushed rocks and Lumen).
– Explosive weapons. Yes, we have dynamite.
– Dynamic lights and pixel-perfect interaction with a fully destructible terrain.
– Dread atmosphere created through an impactful sound design and a unique 2Dynamic lighting system.
– Realistic simulations. Just look at the lava!
– Play with your friends in co-op mode either using Steam Remote Play or locally on a shared screen 🙂 .

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