Lego has announced an Ultimate Collector Series X-Wing -.

With May 4 upon us, Star Wars fans are eagerly awaiting the annual Star Wars Day, and now that this is the case, Lego is jumping in and announcing a new Lego Star Wars set it will launch for the iconic day.

Known as the Ultimate Collector Series X-Wing, this blocky rendition of the fighter ship is designed for collectors and dedicated Lego fans, and includes 1,949 individual pieces, Luke Skywalker and R2-D2 minifigures and a build style that allows you to position the X-Wing in different ways.

At 21.5 inches long, the ship even comes with a buildable display, and as for when it debuts, the Lego X-Wing will be available to pre-order for Lego VIPs starting May 1 and for everyone else starting May 4, with the set costing £210.

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Lego has announced an Ultimate Collector Series X-Wing

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