LEC Spring Season: Week 4 Roundup – League of Legends

It’s week four of the LEC’s Spring Split, and the group stage has returned to determine who earns the right to playoffs, and possibly a spot at MSI. Team Vitality and Team BDS emphatically made it to playoffs, while the other teams tried to fight their way through the bracket.

Day 1:

VIT vs. MAD (VIT win)

VIT: Malfite; Maokai; Joh; Zeri; Lulu
MAD: Jayce; Trundle; Ahri; Lucian; Nami

Nisqy coordinated well with Ellyoya on the map, but mad’s macro reads were not good compared to VIT, and any team fight involving Upset seemed doomed for MAD Lions.

VIT vs. MAD (VIT win)

MAD: K’Sante; Vi; Veigar; Lucian; Nami
VIT: Olaf; Wukong; Ahri; Xayah; Nautilus

VIT had a lot of chain CC, and Photon and Bo worked very well together around the card. MAD showed some signs of life and Nisqy was an outlier, but it was not enough to get the win.

AST against FNC (AST win)

AST: Gangway; Sejuani; Joh; Xayah; Leona
FNC: Jax; Moakai; Lissandra; Varus; Tahm Kentsj

A big early raid from 113 gave Kobbe first blood. Lider played well on Yone and FNC moved members across the map to try to even out some early losses. FNC outplayed Astralis in the first big team fight, but when AST slowed down in the late game, they won cleanly.

AST against FNC (FNC win)

AST: Illaoi; Moakai; Zed; Sivir; Rakan
FNC: Olaf; Vi; Lissandra; Varus; Nautilus

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113 tried to invade one and was punished for first blood. FNC played proactively around goals and Rekkles bullied Kobbe 1v1 in lane. FNC had a lead of over 10k gold in the late game, but looked shaky to close out the match.

AST vs. FNC (AST win)

AST: Malfiet; Irelia; Sejuani; Lucian; Nami
FNC: Mordekaiser; Maokai; Orianna; Varus; Nautilus

The early game was skirmish heavy but even, and AST went too deep for a fight around bot tower, ending with Rekkles getting a triple kill despite Lider’s early spike. Lider’s Irelia continued to spike in the middle rounds. FNC found some good fights, but a Baron steal by 113 slowed FNC enough that Lider was able to scale up to a point that it was unstoppable.

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Day 2:

BDS v SK (BDS win)

BDS: Olaf; Vi; Syndra; Jinx; Renata Glasc
SK: Rumble; Wukong; Ahri; Xayah; Nautilus

Sheo ganked top and Markoon countered early, resulting in two kills for one to SK. Adam was able to bring himself back into the match during the laning phase and BDS looked better in team fights and on objective macro. Renata countered sk’s dive-heavy draw completely, allowing BDS to stomp the middle game and close out efficiently.

BDS v SK (BDS win)

SK: Knoes; Wukong; Ahri; Aphelios; Lulu
BDS: Darius; Sejuani; Cassiopeia; Xayah; Renata Glasc

SK had seemingly the same game plan, got Irrelevant ahead, but left Crownie with a small lead bot. BDS came back strong in the middle game, stacked Dragons as a win con, and again let Renata Glasc through the draft pelt disaster for SK.

G2 vs. KOI (G2 win)

G2: Pantheon; Gragas; Yasuo; Varus; Heimerdinger
KOI: Jayce; Sejuani; Sylas; Zeri; Leona

Yike and BrokenBlade took on Szygenda and Malrang in an early 2v2 skirmish and walked away with two kills for none. G2 stacked dragons and their macro play looked much better. G2 snowballed into the middle ground, with Yike and Hans Sama looking in top form.

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G2 against KOI (KOI win)

KOI: Jayce; Lee Sin; Lissandra; Zeri; Lulu
G2: Pantheon; Gragas; K’Sante; Varus; Nautilus

Larssen moved neatly across the map with Malrang and found advantages, but Caps won in lane trades. In the middle and late game, Larssen found crucial positions in team fights and dealt immense damage with his passing to set up Szygenda, who looked monstrous on clean-up duty.

G2 vs. KOI (KOI win)

G2: Gragas; Vi; Ahri; Varus; Jarvan IV
KOI: Kennen; Wukong; Akali; Sivir; Dorsen

KOI looked stronger than G2 toward the middle ground, with Malrang and Comp having big advantages. G2’s Dragon stacking was not enough to beat KOI’s death ball in the late game, where Larssen and Comp took them down while Szygenda and Malrang delivered cc.

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Day 3:

AST against VIT (VIT win)

AST: Olaf; Maokai; Sylas; Lucian; Nami
VIT: Kled; Wukong; Annie; Draven; Nautilus

An extremely bloody game, but VIT just played macro better and stacked Dragons efficiently. Finn and Kobbe were standouts for AST, but Bo was absolutely monstrous and was everywhere he needed to be for VIT to run rings around AST.

AST against VIT (VIT win)

AST: Olaf; Xin Zhao; Sylas; Xayah; Nautilus
VIT: Jax; Lee Sin; Annie; Zeri; Rakan

Bo was everywhere again. Bo’s early lead made him scary in midgame fights, as Upset’s lead grew as well. VIT showed good macro leverage to push pressure points on the map using their advantages, splitting for a dominant closeout.

BDS v KOI (BDS win)

BDS: Jarvan IV; Vi; Syndra; Zeri; Lulu
KOI: Kennen; Trundle; Akali; Aphelios; Threshing

Sheo led the way for BDS in a skirmish-heavy laning phase. Nuc and Crownie provided immense burst damage in team battles, with Sheo and Adam easily isolating targets. The mid-to-late game looked a lot messier, but in a battle around Baron, Crownie provided a pentakill, halting KOI’s momentum.

BDS v KOI (BDS win)

KOI: Kennen; Wukong; Orianna; Caitlyn; Annie
BDS: Zion; Vi; Cassiopeia; Xayah; Threshing

Another game with a skirmish heavy early and mid-game, but also a lot more this time. Szygenda escaped between two towers on Kennen after a bad fight for KOI, but Nuc and Crownie eventually scaled to a point where KOI was unable to win team fights.

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