LEC Spring Season: Week 2 Roundup – League of Legends

With Week 1 behind us, Giants were toppled and new playoffs races ensued, with many great games shaking up the LEC standings heading into the final week of the regular season.

Day 1:

AST against MAD (MAD win)

AST: Kled; Lee Sin; Akali; Kai’Sa; Rakan
MAD: Knoes; Wukong; Gragas; Xayah; Rell

Despite some early stumbles, once MAD coordinated well, Elyoya and Hylissang were everywhere, and once Chasy and Carzzy got leads, they didn’t let up.

TH v XL (TH win)

TH: Sion; Wukong; Victoria; Zeri; Rakan
XL: K’Sante; Sejuani; Joh; Xayah; Nautilus

Jankos was the clear difference maker for TH, allowing Jackspektra to go through a difficult landing phase and protect him in team fights.

FNC vs. BDS (BDS win)

FNC: Jayce; Lee Sin; Rye; Caitlyn; Lux
BDS: Wukong; Vi; Azir; Jinx; Blitzcrank

FNC could not win in a favorable bot matchup, so instead had to settle for a shaky lead. BDS decimated FNC in late game team battles due to better coordination and scaling.

VIT vs. SK (VIT win)

VIT: Jax; Vi; Cassiopeia; Lucian; Nami
SK: Irrelevant; Wukong; Ahri; Zeri; Lulu

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Markoon worked hard to keep a lane-losing SK side alive, but VIT’s overall lane leads enabled them to win late game goals and battles.

KOI v G2 (KOI win)

KOI: Knoes; Lee Sin; twisted fate; Kai’Sa; Rakan
G2: Jax; Vi; Taliyah; Ashe; Heimerdinger

KOI’s top of the card balanced G2’s bot side leads in the laning phase. Larssen’s ult proved invaluable and Szygenda walked away with a lead and the match.

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Day 2:

BDS v AST (BDS win)

BDS: Aatrox; Sejuani; Cassiopeia; Jinx; Nautilus
AST: Sion; Lee Sin; Annie; Zeri; Leona

AST worked hard to build a lead for Kobbe, but it was BDS’ Adam who took the game in both hands, allowing his team to aggressively tear apart late game battles.

XL v MAD (XL win)

XL: Sion; Maokai; Jayce; Xayah; Soraka
MAD: Jax; Lee Sin; Orianna; Zeri; Lulu

XL consistently fought better around goals, protecting Patrik and going divine as they grabbed a much-needed victory.

TH vs. FNC (FNC win)

TH: Sion; Jarvan IV; Azir; Zeri; Lulu
FNC: Jax; Vi; Taliyah; Xayah; Nautilus

FNC came alive and moved dynamically across the map to build a big early top lane lead. Jackspektra fought to keep TH in play, but Humanoid stepped up en masse to close out the game and get FNC on the board.

SK v KOI (KOI win)

SK: Zion; Wukong; Azir; Xayah; Threshing
KOI: Knoes; Lee Sin; Lissandra; Kai’Sa; Rakan

Early lane leads balance themselves across the map, but KOI’s team plays on their pick comp broke the match open in their favor.

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G2 v VIT (G2 win)

G2: Kled; Vi; Cassiopeia; Xayah; Soraka
VIT: Camille; Gragas; Aurelion Sol; Zeri; Lulu

An aggressive early game saw G2 gain leads everywhere but at the top, and despite VIT appearing the stronger side in team battles, G2 punished their mistakes and grew this lead to close out the game.

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Day 3:

XL v SK (SK win)

XL: Sion; Wukong; Syndra; Zeri; Lulu
SK: Jax; Sejuani; Akali; Draven; Soraka

SK had XL’s number from the start of the match and grew a monstrous lead for Exakick, bullying his opponent back until it was time to strike in extremely clean fashion for the win.

MAD v TH (TH win)

MAD: K’Sante; Wukong; Cassiopeia; Zeri; Renata Glasc
TH: Gwen; Vi; Ahri; Kai’Sa; Leona

TH pushed through early stumbles and used their pick comp well to make battles unfavorable for MAD. Nisqy’s 100th LEC victory remains elusive.

AST v VIT (AST win)

AST: Sion; Viego; Aurelion Sol; Varus; Annie
VIT: Gwen; Vi; Lissandra; Kai’Sa; Rakan

All of AST’s carries came up big against a strong VIT side. Later in battles, a scaled Aurelion Sol and Viego reset meant they could overpower their opponent.

BDS against G2 (G2 win)

BDS: Renekton; Sejuani; Akali; Zeri; Lulu
G2: Gragas; Vi; Azir; Trekken; Rakan

The middle game initially looked good for BDS, but against a grouped G2 they could not find successful team fights. G2 let them walk all over the map for a clean closeout.

FNC v. KOI (FNC win)

FNC: Gangplank; Vi; Azir; Xayah; Nautilus
KOI: Knoes; Lee Sin; Twisted Destiny; Kalista; TAR

Despite being mostly behind in the laning phase, Razork’s aggressive moves around the map kept FNC alive until midway through the game, where they picked KOI apart in grouped battles and stole the win out from under them.

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  • G2 (4-2)
  • VIT (4-2)
  • BDS (4-2)
  • SK (4-2)
  • Koi (3-3)
  • AST (3-3)
  • FNC (2-4)
  • MAD (2-4)
  • DO (2-4)
  • Xl (2-4)

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