Leaked prices of the 2024 models go beyond the scope

As reported by The Elec, Apple is already exploring the prices for products that are due to appear in 2024. Apple’s first iPad Pro with OLED technology could be priced higher than current MacBooks.

Apple’s first OLED iPad Pro Pro could be expensive

According to industry insiders, the new OLED iPad Pro, which is expected in 2024, will cost $1,500 for the 11-inch variant and $1,800 for the 12.9-inch variant. That’s around 1,750 euros for the 11-inch version and 2,150 euros for the 12.9-inch version.

iPad Pro111.049 Euro
iPad Pro12,91.449 Euro
iPad Pro OLED111.750 Euro
iPad Pro OLED12,92.150 Euro
The prices of current iPad Pro models and the leaked prices of iPad Pro OLED models.

The current iPad Pro costs 799 US dollars or 1,049 euros in the 11-inch version. The 12.9-inch variant is available for $1,099 or €1,449. Compared to the current iPad Pros, the new OLED iPad Pros would be more than 60 percent more expensive.

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This would mean that the prices of the new iPad Pros would be higher than the prices of Apple’s current MacBooks. For example, the MacBook Air with M2 chip costs 1,499 euros.

OLED display is to blame for the higher price

The OLED display of the new iPad Pro is made by LG Display and Samsung Display. Initial price negotiations end with a production price per OLED display of 270 US dollars for the 11-inch version and 350 US dollars for the 12.9-inch version.

The higher price is also due to the special requirements that Apple places on the OLED display. Apple is looking for manufacturers that offer OLED displays Two-Stack-Tandem-Structures can produce. These displays have two emissive layers.

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The iPad Pro 2022 can be used almost like a MacBook.

The iPad Pro 2022 can be used almost like a MacBook.

The light is generated in the emission layers of an OLED display. The “Two-stack tandem structure” has twice the brightness due to the double emission layer like conventional OLED displays with a longer service life at the same time.

The displays of the current iPad Pro models are between 100 and 150 US dollars. If the prices are right, the OLED display of the new iPad Pro would have more than doubled the price of the display.

However, it will take until 2024 for the new OLED iPad Pro to be released. However, Apple wants to release a new iMac this year: The replacement for the impressive M2 chip should appear in new hardware in 2023

Will you buy an iPad with an OLED display? How do you find the price development of Apple products? Is Apple raising the price too much or are the prices justified? Feel free to write your opinion in the comments.

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