Lancia pulls the curtain off its all-electric car of the future -.

Lancia has officially drawn the curtain on its all-electric brand new vehicle, with this known as the Lancia Pu + Ra HPE. As noted in a press release, this car is the first to be “inspired by the world of Italian furniture design” while also being a “vision for the future in terms of range, charging time and consumption.”

The car itself has a very distinctive look that is somewhat reminiscent of the brand’s iconic vehicles of the past, but since this is all-electric, the internal combustion engine has been swapped for motors that can deliver 100 km per 10 kWh charge, meaning the vehicle promises a range of more than 700 km, all with a charging time of just over 10 minutes.

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The catch with this car, however, is that it is primarily a “brand vision for the next 10 years”, which means that Lancia’s upcoming range will not include this car, but will be inspired by it. What we do know is that Lancia will launch the New Ypsilon in 2024 as both an all-electric and hybrid model, and then commit to pure EVs starting in 2026, with a new EV Delta planned for 2028.

Although it will probably never make its way to market, does the Lancia Pu + Ra HPE interest you?

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Lancia pulls the curtain off its all-electric car of the future

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